Достопримечательности Tashkent

Russian drama theatre

The Russian Drama Theater of Uzbekistan was established in 1934. This is a place where Uzbek and Russian cultures are closely intertwined. The repertoire of the institution is designed for a different-age viewer. The average duration of the performance is about two hours. The theater room accommodates 631 people. As before, most of the performances…

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The State Art Museum of Uzbekistan

The State Art Museum of Uzbekistan was established in 1918. At the moment of establishment, about 100 pieces were represented  in the museum. Unique collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings, porcelain made by Russian and Eastern European masters from private collection of prince Romanov is kept in museums fund. This collection was replenished by exhibitions…

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Museum of applied arts

Occupies an exquisite house full of bright ghanch (carved and painted plaster) and carved wood. Museum contains over 7,000 samples of applied arts: handmade embroidery, skull-caps (tyubeteyka), jewelry, carpets and other examples of craftsmanship of the beginning of the 19th century to present day. Address: Rakatboshi str., 15 Phone number: (+998 71) 256 39 43…

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